Sunday, December 1

Unexpected Parcel: L'Oreal E/S

A surprised parcel came just this week, a parcel delivered via LBC.
I was so excited as I have known the parcel was from an online shop. A friend of mine bought from them and asked to deliver it straight to my doorstep! Yay so sweet :)

Do you wanna know what's inside????

Here they are!!

It really brightened my day when I saw three items. Three L'oreal eyeshadows!

I have never had or worn any eyeshadow from L'oreal yet. So this gonna be the first time. I am so excited to try these babies out!

Look at the shades, do you think those shades could make a great combination? I hope you can see the numbers on each palette so you have a guide.

Swatches, Review and EOTD's on my upcoming posts....

Don't forget to come back lovelies :)

UPDATES: Here is my review about L'Oreal Millas Blues + Swatches

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!

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