Thursday, September 19

Etude House and Tony Molly Giveaway!

Yup, you read that right, there is an ongoing giveaway in Apple's blog, The winner will be chosen by rafflecapter and will be emailed right away. The best part of it is, this giveaway is open internationally! So join now! 

Goodluck Lovelies!

Wednesday, September 18

Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's 2nd Anniversary Giveaway

Ms.Kath is one of the most generous blogger I have ever met from blogging. She has a very wonderful and informative blog. She does reviews on different beauty products and she always has an ongoing giveaway on her blog, I am pretty sure you will also love her blog. 

This is her 2nd Anniversary already in blogging, so she came up with another mini giveaway! Go and join her giveaway.

Click here

goodluck ladies!

Wrecking Ball Hits the Chart

From Hannah Montana, I have been her fan even I am way past my teenage years. It just saddened me how she transformed to a wild and rebellious image. Her fans know that she needs to grow up and get out from that sweet and charming image but taking herself far from what people expect from her is somehow ridiculous. And I really feel so sad about it.

Saturday, September 14

August Mini-Haul

Here is a very quick post of my mini haul for the month of August. It is supposed to be posted last week but I really got no time in taking and editing photos. I am so sorry about the low quality of photos posted, all photos were taken from my cellphone. 

Too bad, I was not able to take individual pictures of some items, I am sorry again. I will be posting a review about some of the products that I got this month when schedule is not too crazy anymore.

Saturday, September 7

Product Review: Glo-Therapeutics Eye Restore


I am loving this product. If you have puffy under eyes and you are looking to hydrate your skin around your eyes, I really recommend Eye Restore eye cream from Glo-Therapeutics.

At first, I was so hesitant to try again another eye cream product because of the disappointment I got from the previous eye cream I used which doesn't live to its promise despite of it's expensive price.

Friday, September 6

My Sigma Brushes

I am so thankful to those Youtube Videos makeup tutorials, they thought me how to use these kind of brushes. When I started using it,  you know what? It really stole my heart immediately!

 I never realized that there are tools that can improve my routine. 

Blogged: Not-so-Fave Products

Before you proceed to reading my post, Oh please no offense meant!
I just so happened to share about products that I have tried and did not work for me. Well it might work for others but for me, it is really a disappointment of ever believing the saleslady and the commercial, just kidding. PEACE.

Thursday, September 5

Hollywood Celebrity Perfumes

I haven't hit the perfume counter for a long time now. Two months was the last time though I still have tons of bottles on my dresser, I feel that I've outgrown some of it and I'm ready for something new. I am on my quest to finding a new perfume for myself, but when buying myself a perfume, I am having hard time to decide. Who is with me on that?

Urban Decay Products that I Wanna Try

Honestly, despite of flooding positive reviews I have read about Urban Decay products, I really haven't tried any Urban Decay products yet. I don't know, maybe because there are tons of  beauty products in the market that I really find a hard time deciding which one, this one or that one???

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