Thursday, October 31

My October Haul

Trick or Treat!!!
Haha, I am having a pretty nice mood today, well although I always try to put up a good mood at the start of each day but today feels different Huh? I dunno either! Haha. Well anyways, do you also feel how days pass by so fast? It's like, today is Monday and the next day it's weekend again. Or is it just Me? Haha enough of nonsense thoughts. Lets head to the real essence of this post! :)

Tadaaa! My October Haul!

Monday, October 28

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize with Celeteque

How are you ladies?
I hope everyone is having a nice day. I have made a promise to myself that I will be regularly updating this blog starting the month of November. I just got too busy and there is so much that happened in October. Which was the real reason that I was not able to blog so much that is why I am making it up to my blog site. SMILE.

Tuesday, October 22

NOTD: Caronia Summer Fling

Holla Chicas
Out and about.. hmm it's kinda hot morning that we have here. About to go out and mingle with few important people of my life.

Today, I just thought of getting my nails done with my new color of Caronia in the shade of Summer Fling.

Friday, October 18

Product Review: Careline Oil Control Liquid Make-up

Hi there ladies! Today I would like to share my thoughts about this liquid makeup I have been using on and off for 2 years now. Careline Oil Control Liquid Make-up. It controls oil but I used to actually use this as a foundation since it gives my skin a lighter finish and the consistency is not thick which is perfect for an office makeup. Perfect enough to hold my facepowder although it doesn't hide or cover all of my face blemishes.

Monday, October 7

September Haul

Hi everyone! How did you start your October?

My October had a great start! I am so happy that everything went as I expected. Busy as always, but I am so happy that I am able to buy what I like and provide my family needs at the same time. Opportunities keep coming, and that means moolah! hihi :D

Review + FOTD: Free Ellana Cosmetics

I have started using mineral makeups just two months ago. But although I really support and promote using natural and organic products,not all the products I use on my face are organic It's not that I am a tree hugger or something, I just thought of doing my skin a favor by reducing its exposure to chemicals. What I did, instead of limiting my products that I use, might as well practice the green track!  Reducing use of products that have chemicals in it and use organic or natural products as alternatives. But, there are still some products that i really cannot give up as of the moment! xoxo.

Sunday, October 6

I am Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's MOM!

I should have this posted last month but I got too busy with a lot of stuff that is why it took me just today to post this.

I am pretty sure you are all familiar with Ms. Kath Rivera's blog, Dear Kittie Kitty Kath. She is one of the most generous bloggers I have met from my 6 months of blogging. Her blog is very informative and transparent, mostly about product reviews, beauty and skin tips and events.

NOTD: Newspaper Nail Design

Sadly, I feel bad that I have neglected this blog (not to mention my other blog) for so many reasons. I have been too busy lately due to work, motherhood responsibilities and random events. How I wish I could have a dayoff from work and I could just update this blog so it can become anything but dull.

Okay, enough with the drama.. SMILE BIG TIME :DDDD

Let's catch up!

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