Sunday, March 23

My 72 Eyeshadow Blush Palette from Romwe

I got too excited when someone from the post office texted me that I got a package to claim. I was really expecting it to be the palette that I ordered from Romwe using my free coupon. I used my free coupon to buy a lipstick and this 72 eyeshadow blush palette. I know it should only take about 20 days or less to receive the items but I waited for more than one month. Geez,it made me more excited to put my hands on this palette. 

Monday, March 3

REVIEW: Hayan Auto Eyebrow in 001

I bought this last year however, I just started using lately since the color of my hair is quite fading and going back to darker color. This is not the first Hayan Korea product that I have used since I have been using Hayan Korea masks for months now. I so love that facial mask that gives me a very great impression about their products.Eyebrow pencil is one of my makeup kit staples that is why I decided to try Hayan Korea's eyebrow pencil.
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