Wednesday, June 17

Naturactor Review + FOTD

Naturactor is one of the most popular makeup products from Japan. An intense curiosity builds up upon reading positive reviews and feedbacks on random online shops in Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, I have read a few blogs and watched makeup reviews and most of who tried love this product. I decided to try it myself to lets see if it does live up my expectation or just a hype. They say it gives full coverage, which caused me a bit of hesitant because it may clog pores which can make my pimples appear and go wild again. Still, my eagerness to try this product succeeded. Now, I am ready to share my thoughts, experience and honest opinion about this product.

Sunday, June 7

My Thoughts on BB Face Cream Daiso

Finally another BB face cream review, yey! This review is part of my backlogs which I just can't find enough free time to edit and publish for the past months until today. I am slowly working on most of my draft mode product reviews and I will publish before this month ends (feeling hopeful).

As most of my readers now, I love to use bb creams more than my foundations since bb creams are very lightweight on my skin, very perfect for daily use.

One of the bb creams I own is this BB face cream I got from Daiso. This is the cheapest BB cream I've ever known. I have been using this BB Cream for quite awhile now.

Wednesday, June 3

NOTD: Color Trends in Booming Blue

Hi pretties! Obviously, I'm falling short of my blog goals because I've been having a full plate lately with my homebased job and mommy duties. Can't get to post on a regular basis, as usual. But for now, let me give you a fleeting glance of my latest NOTD.
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