Sunday, August 21

NOTD: Chic Nail Colors!

Sharing my NOTD probably for the whole week! I dont usually let nail polish on my nails for 7 days straight but this one is exemption. I love the colors, thats why! Look at my painted digits, let you be the judge.
Lively and brilliant colors on a gloomy weather, it helps set my mood to get my ass back to work.
Stay Pretty Inside and Out!

Thursday, June 23

HBC Haul

It feels like years when I last did a haul blog post since I always tend to forget to take photos of stuff I bought. Oh I hope no one here is stupid to say I am bragging. Uhm, I just like to share things I bought which might interest other people as well.

Well, for the record this year it is my first time in 2016 to enter hbc store. The SALE banner outside the store interests me to try new products.

Here are the stuff I got:

Tuesday, May 31

Nichido Extra Waterproof Protective Eye Pencil #ProductReview

I was asked for recommendations on affordable local eyebrow products aside from EB eyeliners so I thought to review other local eyebrow pencils. Nichido Extra Waterproof Protective Eye Pencil has got to be one of them.

Wednesday, April 27

BYS Flat Blending Sponge

If you have been my follower in IG, you have already seen this flat blending sponge I have posted months ago. The packaging doesn't indicate whats the brand though but you can get it in any BYS stalls priced at Php 149.00.

Saturday, March 26

COLLECTION Bright & Glow Brightening Compact Foundation with SPF20 #ProductReview

One of the foundations I have tried last month is this Collection Bright & Glow Brightening Compact Foundation with SPF20 in the shade ALMOND 3. For the record, I have strayed away from compact powders since I have a very dry skin lately. But since I would like to test this one out for a review, I went ahead and gave it a try. 

Tuesday, March 8

Affordable Powder Blush, Nichido in Tomato #ProductReview

Nichido is one of my most favorite local makeup brands for years. Just early this year, I was on the hunt for an affordable blusher perfect for daily use when I came across this blush powder from Nichido.

Saturday, February 13

MUA Pro-Bro Ultimate Eyebrow Kit #ProductReview

I am not used to using powders for my eyebrows but since I was given this MUA Pro-Bro Ultimate Eyebrow Kit, I thought to give it a try! This is my very first MUA product which makes me soo giddy to try it but since I have bunch of eyebrow pencils yet I hold off. I reduced my stash last month and gave away some of my eye brow pencils to give way for other new products to try. I have been using this MUA Pro-Bro Ultimate Eyebrow Kit for a month now and I believe that is pretty much enough time for me to be able to write a review on this. 

Thursday, January 28

Product Review: Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara

To be honest, I have a love and hate relationship with mascaras. Luckily, I learn to wear falsies and because of the thought that they look better, I stopped in using mascara. However, for some reason during the Maybelline Crazy Sale, I was tempted to pick two of their Hypercurl Mascara. The price has dropped to 50%, so I thought to give mascara another chance. This is the first time to try this too so I why not give it a shot.

Monday, January 11

EOTD: Using L.A. Girl Smokey Palette

I got this LA Girl Smoky eyeshadow collection palette last year, and I realized I havent posted EOTD using this palette so here comes one! Will follow a review on this palette anytime this month, too. I did a simple eye makeup look wearable for office or even during daytime events out of three shades from the palette.

Sunday, January 10

Product Review: BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick

Hi Lovelies! I was reeling to try liquid lipsticks If you are a follower in instagram, I have posted a photo of four different shades of liquid lipsticks from BYS and I got a bit of hard time which one to pick. I am into all shades because they are soo gorgeous. This liquid lipstick is available in six shades, if I am not mistaken. If only I could pick all of them, unfortunately I only had to pick one so I got the BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick in the shade 05 Lily Vibrant
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