Friday, January 31

4th Sample Room Haul

Yey, you read it right! I already got my 4th loot of product samples from Sample Room. It actually arrived last week but it's just today that I got a chance to share with you guys. 

Sunday, January 26

Love for ELF: Liquid Eyeliner

I have been using liquid eyeliner for years now. For me, any look is never complete without a liquid eyeliner on. I remember, my first ever liquid eyeliner 4 years ago was from Japan, I cannot read the brand name on the bottle because it was written in kanji, and that was how my love for liquid eyeliner started.

I remember those struggling moments when I cannot make both lining on my eyes even or the same. Haha. But as we say, practice makes perfect.

Thursday, January 23

3rd Sample Room Haul

I have to admit that I got a bit addicted to Sample Room, lol. If you could remember, I have said on my first Sample Room Haul post, as a member, it took me a lot of months thinking about whether to use my points or not. But, eversince I used up my points, review and earned points...I have became On a span of 3 weeks, I am on my 3rd loot of free products from Sample Room. So, for my 3rd Sample Room Haul, here are what I got!

My Take on SkinWhite Advanced Lotion

I received two SkinWhite lotions from my very first Sample Room loot. I gave the SkinWhite Classic to my Mom and I use the SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Lotion. I always make sure my mom also receive proper skin care so I provide all her skin care needs. Hehe. She likes makeups and skincare products three times than I do. And because I love spoiling her, I gave her the other lotion. 

Wednesday, January 22

EOTD: Bronze Smokey

I know, I supposed to do this EOTD post every Wednesday and I missed last week. But what can I do when I got a freakin bad internet connection on a very busy day. That sounds bad, I dunno know why my internet was acting up whenever I need to finished up with something last week. Odd. Well anyways, I was playing with the Naked2 palette which I got from TMart and I came up with this smokey eye look.

Saturday, January 18

Affordable Makeup Brush: PAGANINI

Last month, as I was looking around for stuffs to buy as Xmas presents, I have stumbled to this cute set of brushes. When I checked the price, Oh my very cheap! Tagged Php105.00 for a set of 5-pcs brushes. Such a steal! The brand name, Paganini is stranger to me, this the very first time I have encountered this brand. As I was looking around the bstall, I have learned that Paganini also sells hair accessories and mirrors.

Thursday, January 16

Sis Ambush Makeover

Last week, my sister who lives in Manila paid a short visit with her one year old son. We haven't seen each other for quite a long time and we were all excited to see each other. She stays in Manila with her inlaws while me and my husband together with my other three siblings live here in North Luzon.

Monday, January 13

2nd Loot from Sample Room

Yay! I am so happy that I was able to get my second loot of product sample from Sample Room! Members are so fast that you'll gonna be left out if you are not an early bird! One tip if you like to be one of the first people to learn about their new products, subscribe to their newsfeed via email and to their facebook/twitter. That way, you are always updated of the latest samples they have. 

Friday, January 10

Quick Post: Two Packages for Me!

Yesterday was a great day. I went to get my salary when Viviamo texted me to pick up a package in LBC. Viviamo, sounds familiar eh? Yeah, I remember the company name when I registered for a free kit from Pantene. I am so excited to head to LBC and pick up the package.

Wednesday, January 8

New Year's Eve EOTD

Hi Loves! Abuzz 2014 for me. I even forgot to post my EOTD last New Year's Eve. These pictures were taken 2 hours before New Year. I actually transferred these pictures right away to my desktop, still I forgot to post it. I am hoping it is not yet too late to share it with you. So, here is a quick post of my New Year's Eve EOTD.

Tuesday, January 7

Loving 3CE Lipstick in 08

There is this one lipstick that I use more often lately. I just like how it glides on my lips and the shade is just so pretty! You might think the shade is intimidating because it looks a bit bright pink, do I make sense?  lol. I suck in describing colors, honestly. It became lighter pink with a hint of light coral when applied on lips which is very feminine and accentuates my morena skin.

Sunday, January 5

GOODBYE 2013: December Haul

2013, one of my luckiest year so far. It was the year when I learned alot about online stuffs. For so many years, I was just that silent reader of blogs until I got inspired by my fave bloggers. I would like to mention them all, but golly they are more than twenty. They are actually many to mention :)

2013 has opened new doors for me in the world of blogging and working as a freelancer. I have became active in my social media life and really have learned a lot.

Anyways, as I bid a farewell to 2013, here are all the stuff I got for the month of December.

Thursday, January 2

Nichido Spot Concealer Review

This supposed to be a post from month of September. I thought I have published this review. Good thing, when I got the time to check on my past posts, I was able to see this product review post. :)

Couple of days before my monthly period arrives, I always experience breakouts. There are two or three red bumps noticeable, and I am a bit uncomfortable whenever it shows up on the temple of my nose, opening hole of my nose or below my lips. I dont know if its just me but I really freak out when I see it's bigger than usual which is really really red and very obvious. In times like this, I need a spot concealer which can make all those redness less visible.

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