Friday, September 26

#Watsons Moisturizing Lip Balm #Review

Putting a lip balm on has been a part of my everyday routine. It was mid last year when I became obsessed with lip balm. We had a rainy weather then and my lips were too dry. I have a review posted about my fave lip balm, click here. I just recently run out of my favorite lip balm so I thought to just use my Watsons lip balm which I have acquired for free from the loot bag that was sent to me by Beauty Book.

VS Hydrating Body Lotion Review

Yes, just like other girls, I do all effort possible to keep my skin hydrated. Aside from drinking water as much as I can all day, I do use hydrating body lotions and creams. One of the latest product I have been using is this Victoria's Secret Hydrating Lotion.

Monday, September 8

August Favorites

It's time for my month's favorites post! I miss doing this, like seriously. I am glad that I am slowly getting back to track and I am hoping that I can do this in a regular basis. I think for the last month, I have used a lot of new products and few became my favorite.

Here are the items that made it to the list:

Monday, September 1

#NOTD: My Blue Nails Using Caronia Chasse

Believe me when I say that I am trying my best to comply to my Operation Frugality 2014. Hahaha for those of you who's curious, one of my resolutions for 2014 is to control my spending. It means moderation in buying stuff for myself and save more. But.....when I saw yesterday this blue nail polish, my eagerness to own one attacked again. I just picked up the smallest since I still have a lot of nail polishes in my stash that have been forgotten. If the color doesn't look good on my nails, there won't be too much damage since I just bought the smallest one.

But hey look, a post of my #NOTD, I lilly lilly lurvit!

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