Friday, September 26

#Watsons Moisturizing Lip Balm #Review

Putting a lip balm on has been a part of my everyday routine. It was mid last year when I became obsessed with lip balm. We had a rainy weather then and my lips were too dry. I have a review posted about my fave lip balm, click here. I just recently run out of my favorite lip balm so I thought to just use my Watsons lip balm which I have acquired for free from the loot bag that was sent to me by Beauty Book.

I believe it only costs 40-50 in Watson's. Apple is one of my favorite fruit that makes me like this lip balm even more.

Flavors available:
Luscious Grape
Wild Cherry
Juicey Apple
Sweet Strawberry

Fruity flavor.
Moisturizing on lips.
Absorbs quickly by my lips.
Glides on smoothly.
Hint of color.
Preps my lips for a smooth application of lipstick.

A bit of wax scent, not bothering for me though.
Pot packaging that you need to dip your finger to get the product which you may find unhygienic.
Moisture only lasts for less an hour so you need to reapply over and over again the whole day.

I recommend this lip balm for students and for those who are in a budget and looking for an affordable flavored lip balm. If you don't like reapplying every less than an hour, this lip balm might not a good choice for you.

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  1. Looks very yummy! But I prefer not using my fingers for lip balms! I love watsons though and can spend a long time in there haha.

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    Raincouver Beauty


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