Sunday, July 28

EO LensFlo Plus Review

I have been wearing contact lens for 10 years now. I have tried several brands of cleaner but most I have tried has an ingredient that burn and irritate my eyes. Once I have tried this brand I will just not tell which brand, it really made my eyes cry an ocean (huh I guess that's a song,hihi). :D

Friday, July 26

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich: Just What My Pout Seeks

I am a late bloomer, maybe because i had my menstrual period started at 14. I was in 4th year high school when I have noticed all my girl friends were wearing lipstick, and addiction started!

Maxnina Online Shopping

Ladies, who loves online shopping???  
Well, I just packed some good news for you, I am so proud of my new found online shop MAXNINA. The name itself already gives appeal to me.
Because I always have my two sons with me when I shop, shopping should be in a hurry mode at all times. And it is also really impossible to snatch a time to shop for myself. Since I cannot get time for my own shopping at the mall,  shopping online has become my wonderful outlet.

Saturday, July 20

DIY: How to Fix Your Shattered Eyeshadow

Lovelies! Here I am for my very first DIY tutorial. If you have broken eyeshadows, do not throw it because this tutorial will help you repair and bring back the texture.
Most of the time when clumsiness strikes we accidentally drop stuffs. (hmm You know it :)) This can be very frustrating especially if the cosmetics were pricey, it almost wanna make you cry. (I was like, Hala HUHUHU oh My!)

It was an eyeshadow sent to me by my sister when she was still in Japan. I really love every color in this palette but i accidentally dropped this a month ago. I was about to throw it away when a friend of mine thought me how to fix shattered eyeshadow. 

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