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EO LensFlo Plus Review

I have been wearing contact lens for 10 years now. I have tried several brands of cleaner but most I have tried has an ingredient that burn and irritate my eyes. Once I have tried this brand I will just not tell which brand, it really made my eyes cry an ocean (huh I guess that's a song,hihi). :D

I buy one bottle of solution good for 45 days. Now, I am out of lens cleaner! 

While some good qualities are too expensive. 

I am a bit in a low budget these days. With that being said, I opt for a cleaner that is affordable but also suits my sensitive eyes. Since I have been purchasing my monthly contact lens from EO Executive Optical and their lenses were more than perfect when it comes to quality, I told myself t try their own product of cleanser, the Lens Cleaner EO Lens Flo Plus.

I placed three drops of solutions on both sides and rest for few minutes, then I rub the lens on my hands for a few more seconds.
When I wear my lens, I did not feel any unusual thing in my eye. My eyes feel comfortable. I am happy that it works for me. 

EO Executive Optical did a good job in providing quality products for our eyes. They produce high quality lenses, eyeglasses and solutions. When you visit on any of their branches you can get a free eye check up.

I have been using the solution for a month now and so far, I like how it worked for me. I will buy another after this bottle runs out.

There is no alcohol scent and no soapy feel. I get more than my money worth. I bought this for less than P100 (if I remember it right, lol).


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  1. Replies
    1. it only costs less than Php90.00 Jhen :)

    2. I really need this product, may I know where can I buy this??thank you so much po

  2. Pwede ba ito ipatak sa mata kpag nag redish?

  3. @jerico its purpose is for sanitizing contact lens, not intended to cure eye redness

  4. bawal ba sya ipatak sa contactlens while naka lagay sya sa mata mo? aano kunwari parang na drydry mata mo?

    1. not advisable... If you have dry eyes its best to use proper eye drops


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