Saturday, December 28

L'Oreal Eva's Violets Quad Review+Swatches

Just like Millas Blues (read review here), this L'Oreal Eva's Violets quad is also one of L'Oreal Wear Infinite Star Secrets Edition. You will notice a gold print of Eva Longoria's signature on the cover. The cover has a window so you can easily see the shades. I like the pastel shades on this quad. It doesn't have names for the shades. However, each shades has a number. It is very lightweight and doesnt take much space on your makeup kit. It comes with a dual sponge applicator. Very simple packaging. 

Thursday, December 26

Sample Room Haul 1

This is my very first Sample Room Haul although it has been more than six months since I registered to their website. You might wonder why. It is just I either don't find the previous products appealing, or if I like a featured product, my points are not enough to compensate. 

Tuesday, December 24

My Holiday NOTD

Oh my few hours to go and it is already Christmas Day!!! I know all of you are just so excited as me :) 

And ofcourse for the holiday, I need to have my nails done before the clock strikes at 12.  I just got home from my last minute shopping when I did my nails.

 Here is my holiday NOTD!

Saturday, December 21

ELF Studio Stipple Brush Review

It is a very very busy weekend for me. I know, I should be slacking all weekend, relax after a busy week at work or just wrapping all those holiday gifts instead of sitting infront of my desktop to log in to work. This is the only best thing to do when expenses started to get above of how much I earn. 

Well anyways, enough of the complaining, here is something I have nothing to complain about. 
One of my favorite item in my makeup arsenal is this stipple brush. Read here why...

Review: Kojie San Cleanser+Toner

I have been using Kojie-san soap on and off over the past 10 years. However, its just recently that I learned about this toner from Kojie san. I just actually saw this from their FB page and I got so curious, that is why when I went shopping, I included this in my basket.

When I saw Kojie-san cleanser toner I gravitate towards using two different toners, one for morning and a different one for night. I told myself to try this for two weeks and see whats the major effect on my face. During this test run, its been my evening cleanser while I use Celeteque Toner every night. 

Thursday, December 19

Latest ELF Haul

Hi Pretties!

Hows your December going so far? I hope everyone is having such a great month, like me! I have been so lucky this month. I am receiving a lot of wonderful blessings. And I am very thankful for that.

Simple Holiday Eye Makeup

 Hi there pretties!

Since Christmas is near, I came up with an easy and simple holiday eye makeup look. Something you can wear even on daytime for Christmas parties or events. 

Saturday, December 14

ELF Studio Small Smudge Brush Review

This ELF Studio Small Smudge brush is included in my September haul post and I really cannot believe that I even forgot that I have this when yesterday I was cleaning my arsenal and saw this under the rest of my makeups. I was like, oh my how come I forget about You!!! I guess that is a sign of aging!?? haha, No way!

So here is a short review for this small smudge brush.

Wednesday, December 11

Wednesday EOTD: Glamerald Eyes

Emeralds occur in hues ranging from yellow-green to blue-green, with the primary hue necessarily being green.

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Glamerald Wet/Dry
Dark Green Eyeshadow from SanSan Makeup Set 02
ELF Liquid Eyeliner

Sunday, December 8

Nichido Palette Review + Swatches

 When I went to SM department store, I head over to the Nichido counter to buy an eyeliner pencil when I spotted this eyeshadow palette on sale with the tag price of Php100.00, just so cheap. When I checked the shades, I quickly got interested to the pastel colors. I wanna take it home and play with the shades so I bought the palette right away. This palette is also included in my Nichido Haul I posted last month.

Friday, December 6

November Collective Haul

How's everyone? 
Well I just made this quick post to show my collective haul for the month of November. I won several giveaways on October, Yay very lucky ME! The prizes were arrived to me on November. So, here you will see most of the prizes I received together with my November purchases.
Okay, enough of the talking, here they are!

Tuesday, December 3

Hit or Miss? L'Oreal Milla's Blues Quad

I have posted about the gift a friend gave me here. When I saw the three eyeshadows, I instantly fell inlove with this quad. Just by merely looking at it, all four shades are well coordinated. I really cannot wait to try it out. Today, I would like to share my review and insights about this L'OREAL Milla's Blues Quad. READ MORE!

EOTD: Milla's Blues Toned Down

I just got so addicted with eyeshadows lately. I love playing with different shades and create different looks. And out of my love for eye shadows, I am opening a segment on my blog which is going to happen every Wednesday. I still can't make up my mind what to call the segment,  #EOTD  or Eyeshadow of the Day? Lame? haha, anyone who can help me? Please feel free to suggest by leaving your comment sissies!

Monday, December 2

Colour Collection BB Cream Review

Eversince the Koreans introduced BB Cream, I have been dying to try it. I wanna try different BB creams and look for the best BB cream for my skin type. When I heard that Tupperware PH released their BB Cream, I was so eager to go get myself one but I cannot find any Tupperware seller here in my area. A friend of mine who sells before deactivated her membership. I am so glad that my blogger friend Lhyzie, made it possible for me to try this Personal Collection BB cream!! Hopes UP! Thanks so much sis.

Let's start the product review!!

Sunday, December 1

Unexpected Parcel: L'Oreal E/S

A surprised parcel came just this week, a parcel delivered via LBC.
I was so excited as I have known the parcel was from an online shop. A friend of mine bought from them and asked to deliver it straight to my doorstep! Yay so sweet :)

Do you wanna know what's inside????

Here they are!!

Friday, November 29

Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer REVIEW

It's just recently when I started caring about my skin. Before, I use lotions and creams however I am not particular with the brand. As long as I have something to consume, I am fine. Doesn't really matter how effective it is because I don't even use creams and lotions regularly. Lately, I just suddenly feel that I really need to take care of my skin, maybe because I am aging???? Haha.. Maybe.

BEAUTY 101: Exfoliate Your Lips

It is important to keep our lips exfoliated. This is a process on which we remove dead skin from our lip's surface. 

Do you have chapped and dry lips?

That is already an indication that you really need to exfoliate your lips. Not only cold weather can make our lips dry. It could be smoking or hot weather or other several reasons like dehydration,etc.

Wednesday, November 27

PRODUCT REVIEW: CELETEQUE Acne Solutions Oil Control Toner

I am back and excited! I am counting the days, it's nearly Christmas! And of course, before the Holiday comes, I wanna make sure that my face is free from acne and pimples. One product which helps the scary acne stay away from my face and one of my most abused product for almost two months now is this Celeteque DermoScience Acne Solutions Oil Control Toner. 

Let's proceed to the product review!

Friday, November 22

My ZALORA Shop Wish List

Wish list, haha i always have this list saved on my computer, written on a paper or clipped on my journal.  Some came true, some are not. You know, not all the time I have the money to shop for myself. I always make sure to prioritize the necessities and if there is an extra budget, thats gonna be my BONUS for working hard. But this time since my wishlist is a bit expensive,  I will try to work harder to make ALL in my wishlist come into reality. Hihi. Please be nice to me DECEMBER!

Thursday, November 21

My Nichido Haul

NICHIDO. I have been a fan of this brand ever since I learned to wear makeup. Why? Local brand!  Although the quality is not like the ones on the expensive brands, I am still so happy with the products I use. As long as there is no any kind of irritations developed and ofcourse budget friendly, I am GOOD!

This is one of my trusted brand although there are products from this brand I havent tried yet. I recommend NICHIDO to students and also for those who are starting to learn about makeups because this brand is very pocket friendly.

Tuesday, November 19

Product Review: iWhite Facial Cream

Lately, I have been reading quite few raves about iWhite Facial Cream. What they call 3 in 1 product. It whitens, protects skin with spf and also works as a makeup base. Oh my, this product knocks out a bunch! I am so happy that Ms. Celine included as a prize for me two tubes and 3 sachets of iWhite Facial Cream. Finally, got a chance to try it!

Monday, November 18

DIY: Old Dress Revamp Project

Holla ladies!
This post should have been posted last month but this BUSY BEE just got a lot of things lined up. However, I finally found time to post this. YIPEE! Nothing much actually, I just fond of PINTERESTING (is that even a word?) lately and I found a nice idea of how to revamp an old shirt. But what I did is I tried doing on my old dress that I really cannot stand to wear anymore. 

Wednesday, November 13

EOTD: Majestic Purple

Whats with color PURPLE


Well this is just a short post of my EOTD (Eyeshadow of the day).

 I love to experiment with different shades of eyeshadows but so far, this really stands out.

My EOTD is a smudged purple shade with dark brown shade of eyeshadow on the crease. 

When I see color purple, it really makes me feel like I can create my own world. Although this color of eyeshadow best suits hazel eyes, this is one of my fave look to wear. I really think that it helps my eyes stand out.

How about you loves, what is your EOTD?

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!

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