Thursday, January 16

Sis Ambush Makeover

Last week, my sister who lives in Manila paid a short visit with her one year old son. We haven't seen each other for quite a long time and we were all excited to see each other. She stays in Manila with her inlaws while me and my husband together with my other three siblings live here in North Luzon.

Sissy knows how I love makeups but she was quite surprised to learn that I have became a little more obsessed with it, lol. Lately, I love experimenting with makeups. And since she was so curious about my new makeup discoveries, she became my VICTIM! Oh, no no please dont take it the wrong way.

As much as I enjoy doing my makeup, I am not comfortable doing other people's makeup. But since, she's my sissy, I gave it a try! Be the judge :D

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!


  1. ooo nice blending skills, your sister is pretty! :) im also scared of applying make up on other people... i havent really tried it, i feel like i can potentially destroy they face if i do hehe ^^

  2. I absolutely love putting makeup on other people that's why I love doing makeovers and being a freelance makeup artist, I wish I had a sister too ambush only girl and youngest kasi ako :(


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